Frequently asked questions

Who will benefit from HeART Minds at home kits and classes?

All children (as do adults!) benefit from having an outlet for “expression”. For some children this may be sport or music, others may prefer creative art. Potentially you have some concerns about your child’s sensitivity or anxious nature? Helping them to learn about themselves in a supportive and fun way can go a long way to them accepting their own nature and being able to openly express it. Maybe you struggle to deal with tantrums in a child who is well past toddlerhood? Giving them options to express their frustration in creative ways, while building their vocabulary for emotional understanding can reduce those exhausting times and help you better connect with them.

Do you teach drawing skills, painting techniques etc?

Art skills and techniques are not the focus of our classes or at home kits – the aim is for creative expression in order to learn and process emotions. However, some children who are particularly interested will naturally evolve these skills the more they practise. We offer a wide range of creative projects so children will have ample opportunity to try a variety of art materials and methods.

Are your programmes and kits designed by an art therapist?

No, I’m not a qualified art therapist. I have a Bachelor of Graphic Design, but more importantly, I have a passion for creativity and how it can help our small people express and begin to understand feelings that they don’t always have words for. I have experience working with children with high sensitivity, spectrum disorders and learning difficulties.